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Finally - an easy to use, affordable, eXp attraction system for EVERYONE

This simple yet comprehensive, time-tested, step-by-step platform with verifiable results is now made available to you.

Want to attract more agents? Learn from those with a proven track record of producing verifiable and quality results.

Step-by-Step Videos

Each step of the process is explained and demonstrated with written and video instruction. Experience the system in action by watching video of actual calls made to prospects.


An Intro to eXp Realty with Eric Orland 


Eric Orland Training the Sheila Fejeran Group on Attraction Flow.


How I Attracted 1000 Agents My First Year at eXp


Attraction Flow Mastermind & Live OM Call


Agent Attraction Mastermind with Eric Orland and Gogo Bethke


Attraction Flow Training for the Dan Lesniak & Keri Shull Group

Attraction Flow

Attraction Flow allows you to systematically and strategically build relationships with the Realtors that you desire to be a part of your eXp organization with precise written and verbal communications built into the system that can be duplicated and implemented by any and all.


Features and Benefits

  • # Facilitate Relationship Building
  • # Video Examples of the 2 Key Calls
  • # Weekly Live Training
  • # Easy to Use and Duplicate
  • # Simple Yet Effective Scripts
  • # Everything You Need for Attraction Success

Why Choose Attraction Flow?

Learn from an industry professional that has built his rev share organization in a time period that rivals anyone!


Step-by-Step Process

Attraction Flow is a step-by-step automated system with integrated CRM that will show agents how to build out a revenue share organization.


Learn from the Best

This is the exact system implemented by Eric Orland, one of the fastest growing leaders at eXp in Agent Attraction.


Easy to Implement

The 10 step flow chart with written and video instruction makes it easy for you to implement and build relationships with your Realtor prospects.

What is included in the Attraction Flow system?

  • logoComplete step-by-step written instructions with video examples.
  • logoThe Attraction Flow Chart (the chart of exactly what to do and when)
  • logoComplete CRMGROW set-up instructions and videos.
  • logoAttraction Flow Team access with all templates, automations and materials.
  • logoScripts and video examples of the 2 primary Attraction Flow phone calls.
  • logoWeekly live Zoom call training with Eric Orland (watch Eric make calls)
  • logoWeekly live Tech Tour Zoom call with Jeff Setlow (invite your prospects)
  • logoThe Attraction Flow Onboarding Checklist template.
  • logo2 Drip Campaign email templates each month on the 1st and 15th
  • logo2X/week live Intro to eXp Attraction Zoom calls presented by Eric Orland
  • logoThe Brokerage Cost Comparison Calculator.
  • logoThe Attraction Flow Mindset videos.
  • logoObjection handling guide
$795(one time only fee)

Utilizing Attraction Flow to attract ONE capping agent will pay for itself 3.5 times over.

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